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This is a fanlisting for the dog breed afghan hound. The site is listed as a part of, under the Animals: Mammals: canines category.

The name "Noah's Choice" comes from the legend that says it was the Afghan hound who was selected to represent the dogs on the Arch.

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Why Afghan hounds?

With the long fur, proud stature, and attitude they don't leave anyone untouched. The breed has been described as "the king of dogs" and they sure are majestic beings.

They are cat-like and can go from aristocratic aloofness to clown-like playfulness in the blink of an eye. Anyone who's had the opportunity to get to know one also knows they often show very high intelligence - but they don't always do what you want them to do, they do what THEY want to do and think is best.

The first time I saw an afghan hound was at a local dog show when I was about 14 years old. A woman had a whole group of them, one black and the rest golden blonde with dark brown masks. Instantly I was mesmerized by their grace and beauty. The way they moved it looked like they were almost floating above the ground. They also had this look in their eyes. This complete disinterest in the commotion around them, like they knew they were above all of us. I've loved the breed ever since :)